A Stronger and More Resilient Canada

Speech from the Throne 2nd Session of the 43rd Parliament of Canada

Much has changed in the world over the 10-months since Governor General Payette delivered her last Speech from the Throne on behalf of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In an effort to build a stronger and more resilient Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has offered Canadians a new vision for economic stability post COVID-19. The Speech included a four key pillars:

Protecting Canadians from COVID-19 Immediate task of handling COVID-19 through healthcare spending, including support for vaccines, a commitment to reducing COVID-19 test lines, and implementing additional support to localize outbreaks to maintain control of rising cases.

Helping Canadians through the Pandemic: Medium-term commitment to provide financial support to Canadians through the pandemic, with a specific focus on shifting people back into the workforce.

Building Back Better Building back a more “resilient Canada” to spur recovery and reconstruction for the economy involves a pledge to help advance green investments, while also creating solutions for major issues such as long-term care for seniors and child-care. While also strengthening support systems for the most vulnerable, including women and minorities.

The Canada We’re Fighting For A commitment to defend Canadian values and ensuring they are lived experiences for everyone.

Key Takeaways

  • The government pledged to launch a campaign to create one million jobs for Canadians. This will include incentives for employers to hire and retain workers, while also implementing new skills training programs.

  • The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) will be extended until next summer.

  • The EI system will be updated to include the self-employed.

  • The government will focus on strengthening the middle-class through job creation.

  • Further support will be introduced for the hardest hit industries, including Travel and Tourism.

  • The government shares a plan to implement support for provincial for COVID-19 testing to further address the issues of lengthy waiting lines.

  • Further funding for Canadian-PPE innovation to protect health care workers.

  • A renewed commitment to a Pharmacare program

Looking Forward While the plan did not include budget targets, the government will present a fiscal plan in 2020. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise the House of Commons will require changes to the Standing Orders to adopt a hybrid system that includes remote electronic voting. It is expected that there will be agreement between all parties to proceed with remote voting.

Full text of today’s Speech:

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