WD Advisor Brian Storseth joins the iPolitics in Real Time: Election postmortem

By iPolitics. Published on Oct 24, 2019 6:00am

Two days out from the 2019 federal election, Mainstreet Research president and CEO Quito Maggi and iPolitics reporter Charlie Pinkerton sit down with Reliq Health chairman and former Conservative MP for Westlock–St. Paul Brian Storseth and Summa Strategies senior advisor Elliot Hughes to discuss the result of Canadians’ votes.

First on the docket is: The inevitability of the Liberal minority [2:20]. The group then chats about what to expect from this new version of the Trudeau government [09:00].

Maggi, Storseth and Hughes talk about how their experiences working in government differed in minority and majority scenarios [15:45].

Lastly, is Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s position safe [21:20]?

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