With decades of experience in Washington, DC and beyond, Scott Pattison is a sought-after expert in public policy and government finance. Having served as the CEO of the National Governors Association (NGA), the head of the National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO) and as the State Budget Director of the U.S. state of Virginia, Pattison has a unique perspective on the politics, structures and actors that inform decision- making.

​From his early career at the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, D.C., Pattison has been a keen observer of the interactions of federal, state and local governments. As a practitioner, known as one of the most powerful policy experts in Washington, DC, Pattison has implemented his political and economic tools and leveraged best practices to solve critical problems in areas like health care, economic development and education.

Pattison is a Senior Fellow with the Institute for Fiscal Studies and Democracy at the University of Ottawa in Canada. In this role currently, and for years, Pattison has been called upon by corporations and international entities to provide insight into the workings of U.S. federal, state and local governments. He has done many presentations to corporate boards and participated in business roundtables, conferences and advisory committees — including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the German American Business Council, and the State Government Affairs Council.

At the NGA and NASBO, Pattison created international programs providing numerous opportunities for U.S. subnational officials to interact with senior government officials from countries throughout the world. Formal cooperation agreements were signed with the World Economic Forum, the German Marshal Fund and the associations for subnational leaders in Australia, Canada, Japan, Kenya and Mexico.

Pattison has been a delegate and speaker at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) meetings in Paris, the European Union (EU), including the EU Committee on Regions and Cities, and the German Marshal Fund and the World Bank in Washington, D.C. He has met with many ambassadors and world leaders, including Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada, President Akufo- Addo of Ghana and others. He was recently an official guest of Mexican President Lopez Obrador, at his December 2018 inaugural and met with Cabinet members and state Governors in Mexico City while there.

A frequent public speaker, Pattison has addressed numerous conferences, meetings and forums including the Atlantic Council in Brussels and has been interviewed many times by press outlets seeking to understand U.S. federal, state and local government. These include the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Fox Business News, and National Public Radio.

​Pattison currently serves on the board of the Center for State and Local Government Excellence, the advisory board of the University of Virginia Batten School of Leadership and previously served on numerous university advisory boards and also the Virginia Information Technology Board.

He also served as Chair of the National Association for Budgeting and Financial Management (ABFM), an organization of primarily academics and select practitioners analyzing state and local fiscal management and budgeting.

Pattison graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the George Washington University and has a law degree from the University of Virginia.

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