Paul DiNino is a leading strategic consultant to organizations, corporations, municipal and international government as well as several political campaigns.  

As the Founder and President of DiNino Associates, Paul brings decades of management experience as a senior advisor to a number of Senators, Congressmen and Governors. Under President Clinton, Paul served as National Finance Director for the Democratic National Committee.  

His political counsel and close relationships with elected leaders across the country has resulted in several tangible achievements for his clients. These include several Fortune 100 corporations including Microsoft, General Dynamics, United Airlines and Nike, as well as several national non-profit organizations in the areas of health care, tax, technology, telecommunications and education. Paul also federally represents the City of Dayton, OH as well as Des Moines, IA on Capitol Hill as well as the Administration. His representation and counsel bring a deep understanding of policy, politics and process to bring a consistent and persistent presence in front of decision-makers.  

As an active voice and partner in the political process today, Paul is an advisor and donor to dozens of campaigns. For the past several election cycles, he has been engaged with the funding, development and deployment of third-party independent expenditure advocacy to support many Democratic candidates. Paul is also a member of the VoteVets Board of Advisors.

A native of Dayton, Ohio, Paul graduated from Miami University and now resides in Chevy Chase, MD with his wife and three children.

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